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"Over the years, our clients have come to us with specific shooting goals and player development needs. It has been our pleasure to design unique, fun, and meaningful solutions for them – whether they are in an amateur tournament, in college, the NBA Finals, or in one of our learning centers. We want to do the same for you! Just take a look at our client list and read what some of our valued clients have said about the services they received from the Shot Lab"

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2007-Kansas City, Missouri
“Teacher, the advice found in this lesson is definitely going to make a difference in my daughter's shot, as she completely understands the issues. In fact, she has tried to work on these things previously, but without anyone being able to give her details on how to prevent the bad habits in her shot from coming back. She has focused mainly on preventing missed opportunities when she’s driving to the basket using the things you pointed out: going too fast, poor footwork, and levels of arc leading to all sorts of bad habits. Those were certainly the roots that caused her problems. Thank you very much for your help."
2007-Tampa, Florida
“Just a note to say thank you for your time and talent this week during our basketball camp. Every session has been a true joy for our kids. Your teachings have inspired them in their basketball interest and in their character building, and for that we are thankful. It has been nice to see drives and an unknown love unfold through this camp in Jaylon. Thanks again and God continue to bless you and all you do.”
2007-Winter Garden, Florida
“Thank you so much for HSTA’s participation in our Summer Basketball Camp at Foundation Academy. Without question, the uniqueness of the teaching and learning experience was the best parent/player appreciation endeavor we have ever had. The ‘high tech’ set-up was extremely impressive. Your staff was professional, friendly, flexible, and knowledgeable about the core mechanics of every facet of the fundamentals of basketball.”
2007- Orlando, Florida
"Marvin, since the last training session, we have received numerous comments from college coaches telling us how they love the way our players shoot the ball; mainly their shooting form. What you did has really helped our players mentally. The interesting angle to all of this is that every time one of these D-I Players are on TV and taking advantage of the shooting experience, they will be associated with you helping them with their shot. That, to me, is a great value added to an intangible service and a real win-win combination for our players, our team, and the development of the game. Thanks again for significantly enhancing our players’ overall basketball and shooting skills.”
2007-Florida State
Marvin, "Teacher," thank you so much for all of your teaching, coaching, and spiritual encouragement, it has been PRICELESS!! As I am permitted, I try to pass your valuable teachings on to all players. It is amazing that in the ten years since we met and I first began to learn from you, not only do I learn something new, something better, am reminded of something I learned before, and even learn to do that better in our sessions, but your basketball teachings still remain far ahead of the "norms of the time." You truly have proved to be one of, if not the most, innovative and knowledgeable minds in the game of basketball."
2006- Orlando, Florida
"I have seen the results of Marvin's work with several NBA players, like Phoenix Suns shooting guard Raja Bell, WNBA Connecticut Suns wing player Nykesha Sales, WNBA San Antonio Stars shooter Marie Ferdinand, and the Memphis Grizzly's guard Mike Miller. I feel he has a lot of extraordinary talents as a teacher in this game and on different levels. If someone wants to be a greater teacher than him, they will need to work 16-hours a day."
2006-San Antonio
“This is the neatest thing I have seen in a very long while, maybe EVER! I have known about some of these shooting habits, but never how to try and correct them. I will give the shooting drills a try and then come in to tune things up the right way!”
2006- Japan
“An evolution has taken place in the last several years within the coaching business. Everyone is going after the high production player. With so much competition, it has become even more difficult to attract the guys to off-season training. A recent success came from the introduction of the HSTA Learning Centers information to my team here in Japan. The information was well accepted and was the ice breaker that ultimately resulted in a great player-coach relationship. HSTA opened a door that had been closed for years. Thanks, Doc!”
2005- FVBA-West
“Marvin, that was a tremendous coaches' clinic last Saturday. I got a lot from it, and both Clint Curtis and Michael Feldman said they did too. By the way, at Sunday's practice, I asked my team if they knew what the 6-points of the ball were. All except for one child said the same things we coaches were saying. Connor Chambliss, who went to one of your sessions this past summer, was the only one able to correctly name the front, back, top, bottom, and the 2-sides. These kids really pick up on your teachings.”
2005- Green Wave
"Marvin is a great shooting instructor. Teaching shooting comes as easy as walking to him. He works with all levels of kids, from six-years-old to eighteen-years-old. He expects no praise and wants only to serve. He is known throughout the world for building life-management skills through teaching shooting a basketball. Year in and year out, he finds his way to fulfill someone else's destiny and make a difference in their future."
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