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As an offensive player sometimes you have to revert back to simply taking what the defense is giving you. You don’t always have to force the issue. The defense is always going to show you some weak points in their … Continue reading

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Driving the fingers through the ball causes the ball to spin backwards

…too much back spin, the shot will be short, too little back spin and the shot will go further with a softer touch on the basket. Continue reading

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Building the shot from the floor upward

The stance is designed so that every shot could be taken from this position with the least motion. Also by starting this way the body is balanced. Continue reading

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Tamika Catchings Receives 2010 Kim Perrot Sportsmanship Award

Designed to honor a player who exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship on the court – ethical behavior, fair play and integrity – the award is named for the late Kim Perrot, who helped guide the Houston Comets to their first two WNBA championships before passing away in August, 1999, after a seven-month battle with cancer. Continue reading

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