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Bogota South American SaludCoop Sensei Marvin Harvey

Marvin Harvey traveled internationally to Bogotá, Colombia for training international teams in the SaludCup, FIBA Basketball Association. He trained teams and introduced his 3R’s to coaches from Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. He later received invitations to extend his basketball knowledge by training coaches in Monterrey, Mexico, where he met Vicente Fox, then President of Mexico. Continue reading

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Shot LAB Research data for training players

The SHOT LAB ™ Model can be implemented anywhere. We provide the programs that have been designed specifically for each age group based on mental and physiological development and skill level to create an optimal learning environment. Continue reading

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Know the man behind the teachings, Marvin Harvey – “The Real Deal”

Harvey’s teachings in the basketball world are reflected in a remarkable array of players he’s worked with, both NBA and WNBA, young and old. It is not for nothing that players, pros and beginners alike, call him a Teacher. His success comes from first, educating and the development of the player’s mind, then training every athlete as though they were his own.
Continue reading

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Breaking the Game down and Teaching the application of the Shot 3-on-3

After 28 years of research and talking to collegiate/professional coaches and players internationally, we have developed this elite shooting system called, “Ready Rhythm Release—the 3-R’s”. Continue reading

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