Marvin Harvey

As a player at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas, Marvin Harvey became intrigued as to why players missed open shots in a game situation. Already majoring in Education and minoring in Coaching, he decided to do an in-depth study on the subject. As he got into his professional training career, he found that teaching basketball involved much more than giving players a play to learn and options to remember. Harvey learned that by seeing potential in players and encouraging their development, teachers of the game had the opportunity to change their players’ lives forever, that the best teachers of the game were those whose hearts were truly in their work.

Throughout twenty years of experimenting and intense studying, Harvey has published various books on the subject and has produced a shooting video and instructional poster for high school, college, and WNBA and NBA athletes. His over all win-lose record as a head coach is well over 85 percent, winning close to 400 games as coach to AAU Teams, National Select Teams, and High School girls’ and boys’ teams from 1982 to 1993 alone. He has also accumulated newspaper articles and accolades worldwide.

“Marvin Harvey has given his heart to teaching, and before he left coaching the game for teaching the fundamentals of the game, one could tell that his heart was filled in return. Today, in every shooting session, you can see the love of teaching and a deep sense of worthwhile labor, of realizing just how many lives his teachings have touched. Marvin Harvey is known today by the seeds he’s sown in the fields of young minds, and the impact on students cannot be measured. Whether it’s the game of basketball or life, he has successfully shaped the thoughts and character of future generations.” – Michael Wane

“Although he was tough, determined, and pushed us to do what he thought was best for us in the hardest way, as players, we all aspired to learn from him in a passionate way, and the closer we got to him the more we wanted to become like him. Coach Harvey inspired us to be better in every area of our lives, and he taught us that we may have to redefine our terms for success as we journey through life.” – Student of the 1991 Kansas Miracles Basketball Team

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