Harvey’s “Shooters Touch” Academy (HSTA) dates back to 1982, the year Marvin Harvey started the first academy at the Olathe Salvation Army Community Center, in Olathe, Kansas. Harvey began his tutoring career when a local player, Mike Ramm, came to him for help. For four hours a day during a four to five week period during the summer, they worked together. The effort paid off as Ramm turned his team, Blue Valley, into one of the area’s best high school teams and one of the best in the state. Soon enough, Harvey had 10-12 players a session and the numbers continued to grow.

As the sessions grew larger, Harvey moved the academy, known then as “The Basketball Workshop”, to the Kansas School for the Deaf, where he traded gym space for girls’ and boys’ basketball camps and clinics. The basketball workshops became a beacon for players who had a love for the game and wanted to learn and improve. Thousands of girls throughout Kansas, Missouri, and as far as Oklahoma came to KU Girls Basketball Camps to get private training. By the summer of 1986, Marvin Harvey had become a household name throughout the area. HSTA started its first “ALL PRO” training sessions with Clay Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers and Lynette Woodard, the first female to play for the Harlem Globetrotters. In 1986 and 1987, Marvin Harvey and HSTA took their first tour, the Lynette Woodard Basketball Camps, across the United States with a group called World-Wide Sports, a group of NCAA Women’s College Coaches. The tours conducted free clinics with the help of top-name coaches and players across the country and discussed drugs, character, commitment, and what it means to be a student-athlete.

The summer of 1987, Harvey worked at the Kansas University Men’s Basketball Camp, where he was heavily influenced by Head Coach Larry Brown and his assistant coaches. Through Coach Brown and his team, Harvey began to get a better understanding of teaching the game versus coaching the game. Following Brown’s lead, Harvey started teaching some of the KU players on the side, among these Calvin Thompson, Keith Harris, and Milt Newton, to name a few.

During the fall of 1988, Harvey continued touring the United States doing the Lynette Woodard and World Wide Sports Basketball Tour and giving NBA clients private lessons. Each year, Harvey added new phases to the HSTA program, including the Marvin Harvey Interactive Training program, begun in 1990. 1992 saw the introduction of a 30-minute instructional video and instructional shooting poster put together by Harvey and given to each student who participated in the sessions. A year later, Harvey moved operations to Orlando, Florida and joined forces with “Basketball Bob” Corwin, touring the entire state of Florida to teach players the correct way to shoot.

In 2000, Harvey retired from coaching to focus on Individual Player Development, so he moved HSTA to Houston, Texas, at the Tony Westside Tennis Club with John Lucas, where he trained college and NBA players, worked a training camp for the WNBA Houston Comets, and studied Rudy Tomjohnavich. Harvey also continued to train teams and coaches’ clinics internationally in Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Dominican Republic, and Cuba and in 2001 returned to Orlando, Florida and started the National Academy for Teaching Basketball, the new home of Harvey’s “Shooter’s Touch” Academy. Seeing the need for players who didn’t have funds to train, Harvey also started the C5D Inc. Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation geared towards assisting athletes without the means to be trained.

Today HSTA is one of the largest and most comprehensive training partners in the world of basketball. The HSTA team partners with existing organizations and supplies them with the highest level of information as the best basketball source for players, parents, and coaches around the world.